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Immigrating to Germany

Germany is one of the countries that is considered by many applicants from different countries around the world due to its favorable economic conditions and labor market. Every year many people seek to study and work in Europe. Germany is the best country in terms of geographical and economic location. Germany has always been called the ideal land. Studying in Germany means studying in the best affordable facilities in Europe. Germany ranks fifth in the world in terms of education, with more than 200,000 international students each year. In general, there are several ways to immigrate to Germany, each of which we will briefly review here.

Immigrating to Germany

Immigration conditions to Germany

The most important conditions for immigrating to Germany are having a German language degree and proving your financial ability. German language certificate must be at least B1. Proof of financial ability also to ensure that you have the initial capital to live in Germany; it is needed. In addition, health insurance is required to immigrate to Germany.

Immigrating to Germany - Investing

Immigrating to Germany through investment is done in several ways, including the following:
Buying a property: Investing and migrating to Germany by buying a property is possible for countries such as Portugal, Greece, etc., and countries outside the European Union are not able to apply for immigration to Germany in this way. This does not mean that it is not possible to buy a property in this country, and in different ways a foreigner can buy a property in Germany and become a full owner.
Purchase of shops, commercial real estate, hotels, etc.: Immigration to Germany in such cases of investment is done by purchasing commercial property with company registration. It should be noted that the financial account of the investor must be suitable for the intended business or have a sufficient turnover to register the company in question, such as restaurant, company, etc. Therefore, immigrating to Germany and establishing a business or establishing a branch in this country can be done as a company.

Immigrating to Germany - Buying a Property

There are no restrictions on buying property in this country and people outside the EU can also buy property, land or apartments in Germany. It should be noted that buying a property alone does not cause you to immigrate to Germany and get a residence permit, and allows a person to permanently extend their 90-day temporary residence. It can be said that after 2013, housing prices have increased by 23% and After that, the housing market flourished.

To buy a property in Germany, pay attention to the following points:

    Carefully consider the appropriate options for migrating to Germany through the purchase of property and consider the regional conditions and access to the necessary facilities to nominate a suitable option in terms of finances and facilities to purchase property in Germany.
    Get help from real estate consultants in the field of immigration to Germany by buying property to know the cost per square meter of land in different parts of the country and make an informed decision.
    Get help from a person familiar with the laws of this country or a lawyer to immigrate to Germany through the purchase of property to help you with legal issues and the contract of purchase of your property.
    Have one or two copies of your translated documents to immigrate to Germany through the purchase of property to provide if needed.

    Sixty percent of the cost of the property to immigrate to Germany can be obtained through the purchase of the property, this will be possible when the contract is concluded between the parties and a week has passed since the termination of the contract by both parties to Terminated and the contract considered final.

Immigration to Germany - Company Registration

All those interested in immigrating to Germany and starting a business and settling in Germany can achieve this goal by registering a company. One of the unique features of immigration to Germany through the registration of a company in this country is the lack of a foreign partner or shareholder (German), which allows a person to own all the shares.

One of the most common types of company registration in Germany is limited liability company registration, which requires the applicant to pay at least 25,000 euros to start a business. This type of company is a state-owned company and must have at least 5 members and the minimum capital for Starting this type of company is 50 thousand euros.

Another type of company registration in Germany is the establishment of a branch of the company of the country of origin, which in fact can be said to be a German branch of the main company in Europe. In this case, the minimum capital is not considered and all company rights depend on the parent company. It is in Iran.

Flexible companies are another type of company that is run by two or more people and in terms of type of business can be personal art or special individual skills or service delivery.

Finally, commercial companies that are managed by several partners under a specific contract.

Other benefits of immigrating to Germany through company registration include the following:

Multiple job options.

Exercising the right of communication with other countries of the world as a German company

Opportunity to use the benefits and participate in tenders of companies around the world

Bank account in other countries without taxes

Use of commercial loans with very low interest rates

No restrictions on the type of activity of the company

High job credit

 Documents required to obtain an immigration visa to Germany through company registration:

_Your business plan (business plan)

_Your financial account documents

Your previous experience in business

The effects of your business on the economy of this country

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