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Canadian Investment

The first and most important thing about investing in Canada is that this immigration method is currently closed and limited to a few provinces.

People with high capital, managerial and business experience can apply to invest in Canada.

To apply for residency for himself and his family, a Canadian investment applicant must invest C $ 800,000 in a federal program (excluding Quebec) for 5 years. This method has a full guarantee and the federal government returns all the money (without interest) to the investor after a period of 5 years. In addition, a Canadian investment applicant does not need to have a language degree and it is interesting to know that he / she will not have any obligation to start a business.

Alternatively, a Canadian investment applicant can invest C $ 180,000 instead of $ 800,000 and enjoy the benefits of this method, except that if the Canadian investment applicant chooses to use the $ 180,000 plan, they must consider It should be noted that this amount is not fixed and changes based on the change in bank interest rates, and another point is that this money is non-refundable.

Canadian Investment

Canadian investment terms

Have at least C $ 1,600,000 in net assets to invest in Canada, which may include movable and immovable property, at least 6 months after its acquisition. There is no obligation to transfer all assets to invest in Canada. To invest in Canada in the province of Quebec, part of the investor's assets can be in the name of another person like his wife.

- Canadian investment applicant can choose anywhere other than Quebec as a destination. The reason for this is that the Federal Government of Quebec offers its own investment program to applicants for immigration to Canada through investment. For more information on this subject, read about immigrating to Canada through Quebec Investment.

- Having managerial experience to invest in Canada for at least two years in the period of 5 years before applying for Canadian investment, which includes having the position of management of manufacturing and service companies or providing the amount of tax paid and insurance documents of employees under their employment Becomes. Alternatively, a Canadian investment applicant can provide evidence of full-time management with at least two employees.

- Age, level of education, level of experience, adaptability and language skills will all be taken into consideration when deciding to invest in Canada. But having a degree in English and French is not required to invest in Canada.
Another way to invest in Canada is to start a startup program, which has recently attracted a lot of attention. In this program, applicants for the Canadian Start-up Visa must select a fund (designated by the Government of Canada) to support their start-up plan and must use at least one of the following three methods to begin the process. :
1. If the investor invests through the Venture Capital Fund, he must submit at least C $ 200,000 to the fund for this purpose.
2. If the investor invests through the Angel investor group, he must submit at least C $ 75,000 to the fund.
3. If the applicant's start-up plan is accepted in one of the Business Incubator centers, he will not need to submit a fee and the center will help to nurture and promote the plan. The important point in this case is that the business plan and start-up of the applicants must be accepted and its value must be proved to the growth center for breeding.

Canadian Investment - Provincial Program

This immigration method to Canada allows applicants to participate in provincial programs other than federal government programs. Each province annually sets out a list of jobs and conditions for accepting a limited number of immigrants, which is sometimes easier and faster than other ways to immigrate to Canada. Here are some provincial ways to invest in Canada.

Canadian Investment

Investment Canada - Province of Quebec

The province of Quebec, with a population of about 8.5 million, is located in eastern Canada. The capital of this province is the city of Quebec and another important city of this province is Montreal. The population of this province often speaks French. The investment method of Quebec, which is one of the easiest and safest ways to immigrate to Canada, welcomes a large number of immigrants from all over the world to Canada every year. In this way, the Quebec provincial immigrant receives permanent residency in Canada with his or her family and can live anywhere in Canada. This program is for people engaged in professions such as medicine, surgery and pharmacy; Attorneys at law; Owners of reputable hotels and companies and senior managers of public and private companies and several other professions are recommended.

Benefits of investing in Quebec Province:

1. Obtaining permanent residence in Canada for yourself and your family

2. Risk-free investment

3. Having a degree in French (intermediate to advanced) is a great advantage.

4. This program takes much less time than other programs and is done almost without wasting time.

The amount of a person's net capital: $ 2 million