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Shiraz Immigration Office


Shiraz Immigration Office, Ayande Sazan Mehr Law Firm, a provider of services in the field of domestic and international private law, is ready to provide services for immigration affairs by having skilled experts and consultants. Immigration abroad and in each country has its own rules and conditions that Shiraz Immigration Company, Ayande Sazan Mehr Law Firm has explained in this website. You dear ones can contact us for free immigration consultation in Shiraz or fill out the free immigration consultation form in Shiraz so that our experts can contact you as soon as possible.

In this article, we want to explain the general information about the types of immigration to you dear ones so that you can decide to immigrate to your desired country with full knowledge and information.


Shiraz Immigration Office

Migration through education

Studying at international universities has many fans. Of course, not all international universities may accept foreign students, but do not worry about this by entrusting work to Ayandeh Sazan Mehr Law Firm, the Immigration Office in Shiraz.

If you have good grades and grades, and also have other conditions such as age, language degree, etc., you can obtain a student visa and choose to study in most countries and the best universities. In many countries, immigration through education will pave the way for permanent residence in that country. For example, by studying in many countries, you can work after studying and after a while, you can get permanent residence in that country. The use of educational facilities with international standards and job opportunities are more than the benefits of migration through education. To request free immigration counseling in Shiraz in the field of immigration through education, you can fill out the relevant form on the main page.

Migration through work

Migration through work also has many fans. Due to the favorable working conditions in most countries, many specialists travel every year, especially to EU countries. The main condition for labor migration in most countries is to have a job offer from the employer of that country. Specialists can also have work migration with the necessary conditions and introduced by countries. You need a work visa to immigrate to work in the country of your choice. For more information on working through immigration, contact the Immigration Company in Shiraz, Ayande Sazan Mehr Law Firm. You can also fill out the application form for free immigration consultation in Shiraz on the main page of the site.


Migration through investment

Another type of immigration to other countries is immigration through investment in that country. Investment can be in the form of company registration, purchase of shares, bank deposits, purchase of property, etc. Immigration through investment is a great way to get residency, which in most cases provides permanent residency in that country without wasting time. But investing requires large sums of money and therefore a lot of risk, and for this purpose you should consult with experts and experts in this field. To request free immigration counseling in Shiraz and in the field of immigration through investment, fill in the counseling form on the main page to be contacted.


Immigration lawyer to England in Shiraz

Many applicants for immigration to the UK in Shiraz do not have much information about how to immigrate to this country as well as immigration routes and laws. The experts of Ayande Sazan Mehr Immigration Law Firm are here to provide you with the information you need. For this purpose, in addition to reading the articles on the site in the section on immigration to the UK, you can also contact us to help you faster and easier.

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Experts and experienced lawyers of Ayande Sazan Mehr Legal and Immigration Institute are at your service for more advice and information.

For free immigration consultation in Shiraz, you can fill out the free consultation application form so that our experts can contact you as soon as possible.

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